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We’re located in the Bayview area of San Francisco, at 3450 3rd St, unit 5E. The unit is in a small industrial park, and parking is available immediately outside the park, next to the Islais Creek.

Before reaching out to us, please read below.

As we are entirely volunteer-run, it can be difficult for us to keep on top of emails. We have updated the information on this page in an effort to address the most common questions we receive. Please read below, and you may find that your question has already been answered!

If the below doesn’t help you, and you need to contact us by email, please use one of the email addresses below. We try to ensure people receive a reply within a couple days. Thank you for your patience!

Note – FAQs specific to membership are located on the Memberships page.


When will the next class be scheduled? How can I avoid missing the application window?

We announce course offerings to our mailing list. Sign up here, and you’ll find out promptly whenever a new class has been scheduled. Your email will be used only for course updates and will not be shared.

Your classes are always full / I waited ages to sign up and then I didn’t get in!

It’s true, our supply can’t seem to keep up with demand! We’re very grateful that there is such interest in our classes, but unfortunately this means we typically have more applicants than workbenches. We do our best to offer learning opportunities throughout the year, but since our instructors volunteer their time, at the moment we don’t have the capacity to run additional courses. Thanks for understanding!

I have woodworking experience, and am interested in becoming a member. Whom should I email?

That’s wonderful! Please check out the Memberships page for information and to find out how to apply.

Can I use the woodshop for a small project I have in mind without becoming a member?
Can I get a couple of pieces of wood cut to size if I come by the shop?

Unfortunately, no. The only people who can use the shop are members or class attendees. There are no exceptions to this.

Can you guys build me something?

Our organization does not take commissions, even small ones. However, some individual members may be available. Please email with your inquiry.

Can I come check out the space?

Please do! Best times to come are during regular sessions. Typical session times are given on the Memberships page.


Still have questions?

If our website doesn’t contain the information you need, you can contact us at one of the email addresses below: