Intro to Woodworking

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5/26/17—Our Intro to Woodworking 101A (Summer Session) is fully enrolled and in session.

5/5/17—New Courses in Development

Summer classes are currently under development, with the first courses likely to start late May 2017.

Letter from the Instructors

Thank you for you interest in SFCWS and our Intro to Woodworking Course. We are excited to welcome you to our shop.

As many of you know, the waitlist for our popular 12-Week Introduction to Woodworking Course, offered three times a year, is over 50 people deep. Due to the hands-on nature of woodworking, and our insistence on a high teacher-to-student ratio, our class size has historically been limited to five students per course, or 15 students a year. Each session, we turn down dozens of qualified applicants due to our limited capacity. Our course fees (low by any standard) go solely toward our shop overhead, and our instructors volunteer their time outside of 9-5 office jobs. The course is truly a labor of love.

The tension between quality instruction and access is not lost on us. Every quarter, we revisit our course curriculum, looking for ways to give more people the same rigorous learning experience. This summer, we have decided to suspend the Intro Course and develop new course offerings. Our objective is and will always be to give the best hands-on instruction we can; we hope that by diversifying the focus and duration of our classes, we can welcome more people to SFCWS, as well as create teaching opportunities for our core members and greater network of woodworkers.

The summer series is still under development, but we plan to offer one-day, weekend, and six week courses, starting in late May. Stay tuned!

Given that we are actively writing new curriculum, if there are specific courses or topics you would like to see covered in a course, we would love to hear from you. Shoot us an email at membershipinfo [at]


Phoebe, Jodie, and the gang at SFCWS