San Francisco Community Woodshop (SFCWS) is a collective effort of woodworkers who want to provide a high-quality resource for woodworking in the Bay Area. We are a continuation of the work of John Sheridan, a prominent Bay Area furniture maker and teacher. After years of teaching at the Academy of Arts in SF, John opened his personal studio—originally named the Grew-Sheridan Studio and later to become San Francisco Wood Shop—as a school for woodworking. Here he taught local residents of all backgrounds and skill levels the basics of the craft, empowered and encouraged their individual expression and development in woodworking, and imparted his years of experience and knowledge to his students. He kept this part business/part labor of love running for more than 30 years up until his retirement in 2015.

With John’s departure, a group of his current and former students banded together as SFCWS to maintain the woodshop as a community space for local craftspeople to explore and learn woodworking. The sense of community and camaraderie that we developed among our members is part of what has kept us engaged in and dedicated to keeping our woodshop open, and we value preserving local spaces dedicated to arts and crafts. John continues to generously provide indirect support for the shop space while we continue and grow the community.

We hope to be able offer this unique resource to all members of our community for years to come and we hope you can join us to help make that happen.