Community-minded woodworkers with previous experience are invited to take a skills and safety evaluation and join the shop as monthly members. Our members graduated from our introductory course or come with formal training from elsewhere.

New members are asked to take a written and practical safety and skills assessment.
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Membership fee is $250 per month, and includes:

  • One weekly 4-hour shop session
  • Use of all tools and equipment
  • Storage of work-in-progress and material for next project
  • Normal consumables (sandpaper, glue, screws, etc.)

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Is there space to leave projects at the shop?

There is space to leave current projects, even relatively large ones, at the shop. However, only one project at a time may be worked on at the shop, with additional storage space for rough wood for your next project.

What time(s) can I come to the shop as a member?

Our current regular session hours (subject to change) are:

  • Saturdays, 12-4pm
  • Sundays, 12-4pm
  • Thursdays, 12:30-4:30pm
  • Tuesdays, 7-11pm

Members join a session they plan to attend regularly that best fits their schedule and a place is reserved for them in that time slot until they cancel their membership (or permanently change sessions).  We limit the number of members enrolled per session to avoid an over-crowded, unsafe shop.  Current capacity is 6 members per session.

What if I can’t make a session one week?

We’ll do our best accommodate you moving to a different session as space allows if you can’t make your regular one in a particular week.  Prior notice to move between sessions is needed so that our session managers are aware.

Can I bring friends to the shop?

For safety reasons, the only people allowed in the shop at any time are those who are either taking a class or who have passed our incoming safety test. So sorry, no friends allowed.

Can I come check out the space?

Please do! Best times to come are during regular sessions.

How do I apply to be a member?

Follow the application link above!  Once you submit your application form you should hear from SFCW within about a week.  We’ll provide you with some safety materials and a link to our online safety test.  If you pass the written test, we’ll arrange a time for you to come to the shop to go through the hands-on test.  After your hands-on test, our team will review the notes from your evaluations and will offer you the membership if you’ve passed or make a recommendation for further practice or education before you’ll be eligible for membership.

What equipment do you have in your shop?

We have a fully equipped shop with everything listed here (and more!) available for the use of our members:

  • 10″ SawStop tablesaw
  • 10″ tablesaw
  • 10″MiniMac panelsaw
  • 12″ radial arm saw
  • 10″ miter saw
  • 20″ Davis and Wells bandsaw
  • Murphy Rodgers dust collection system
  • 10″ jointer
  • 14″ planer
  • 37″ TimeSaver widebelt sander
  • Powermatic drill press and drill bits
  • Laguna 18″ × 43″ lathe and tools
  • Jet spindle sander
  • Hitachi 3HP industrial router in router table and an assortment of router bits
  • Festool Domino Joiner and worktable
  • Festool dust collector vacuums
  • Lamello Biscuit Joiner
  • 2 Bosch large routers and 1 DeWalt detailing router
  • Festool and other palm sanders
  • Cordless drills and bits
  • Hundreds of clamps from 6″ F-style to 8 ft pipe clamps
  • Protractors, pliers and all the little things you need when woodworking
  • 5 benches with bench vises
  • Lots of storage